Xtreme Jump


The Facts

Free Falling: Behind the Physics

All objects accelerate at 9.8m/s2 when in free fall. This acceleration continues until outside forces act upon the object or it reaches terminal velocity. The terminal velocity of a human body is 120mph and requires a fall height of at least 1,500 feet to reach. Many people enjoy free falling as a recreational activity, often using a bungee cord or parachute for safety. A world record for the highest free fall was set in 2014 by Alan Eustace when he fell 135,908 feet from Earth’s stratosphere.



People will flock from the far corners of Wisconsin. Oshkosh’s EAA AirVenture, annually attended by worldwide aeronautics fans, will probably be cancelled as you become the new sky diving attraction.

12 foot and 18 foot jump towers will scare the daylights out of you. You didn’t even know you had daylights in you. You didn’t need them anyways.

Book your indoor free fall ride at Xtreme Air Trampoline Park for adrenaline packed fun.
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