Gladiator Joust


The Facts

Gladiator Platform Joust Competition: Science and Practice

Gladiatorial jousting is a game involving two players on pedestals. Each player is given a pugil stick and must stay on their platform. Contenders may employ a variety of techniques including pushing, striking and ramming the opponent with the pugil stick in an attempt to knock them from their pedestal. Players may not drop their stick or grab their opponent’s. Stepping onto the other platform, losing your gladiator stick or seizing the other player results in a loss. Otherwise, the first player to force their opponent off wins.

Two Boys Gladiator Jousting in Appleton


Gladiator Jousting - Beat your Friends with a Giant Joust Pole

This is the event you’ve been dreaming of. In our gladiator jousting arena, you have one mission: knock your friends off as fast as you can. There is no escape, only victory. Kids and adults have a blast jousting each other. Set up your own tournament and see which of you reigns supreme as the greatest combatant known to man. Xtreme Air’s gladiator joust isn’t just something fun to do in Appleton, it’s the best, most exhilarating entertainment in the Fox Cities, Wisconsin, and the known reaches of the universe.

Schedule your gladiator jousting tournament at Xtreme Air Trampoline Park and battle your friends like nowhere else.
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