X-Maze: Appleton’s Best Laser Maze



The Facts

Lasers Are Focused Beams of Light

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation devices, commonly referred to as lasers, were first theoretically invented in 1917 by Albert Einstein. Lasers are currently used for many things. Disease treatment, metal cutting, communications and scanners are common medical and industrial applications of lasers. Many individuals are familiar with laser pointers, commonly used in presentations. Lasers have also been used as a form of entertainment in laser light shows.

Laser Maze Concept Drawing 


Secret Agent X-Maze: Don’t Touch the Beams!

Just like a secret agent infiltrating a supervillain’s hideout, you’ll dodge, duck and jump deadly lasers on your way to the exit. You don’t know when a criminal mastermind will invade the Fox Cities, but it’s gonna happen and you WILL be ready.

Race your friends to see who’s got the smooth moves to navigate this crazy environment the fastest. Small kids have a height advantage, but full grown adults can compete right alongside them.

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