X-Balance Slackline


The Facts

Slackline: Methodologies and Tactics

Slacklining, although it shares some characteristics with tightrope walking and zip-lining, is actually a different activity. Unlike tightropes, slacklines are flat pieces of polyester or nylon webbing and are not held rigid. Instead, slacklines are like long, narrow trampolines stretched between two poles. Slacklining was invented by rock climbers in 1979 but has since become a common recreational activity outside the climbing community. Some individuals use slacklining as a non-traditional core workout.

Two People on Slackline


Slacklining – Like Wow.

Slackliners unite! Our indoor slackline gym, the X-balance, lets you work on your tricks and improving your form. Do handstands, jumps, 360s and start an Olympic sport. Do it for the health benefits or do it to experience something different – JUST DO IT. Even falling is a great time.

Book time at Appleton’s indoor X-Balance slackline gym, Xtreme Air, for some fun tricks or a great workout.
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