Trampoline Basketball


360 Slam Dunk on Your Friends

With 3 different basketball hoops, varying in height, anyone can ball it up at Xtreme Air! The enclosed netted area allows for a safe & fun basketball experience for any age. Challenge your friends to a game of high stakes basketball in our trampoline courts, where you'll fly through the air and slam dunk like a pro!


Child Dunking at Appleton Trampoline Basketball Court 



Bring Your A Game!


When you want the vertical game of LeBron James, Xtreme Air will send you into the stratosphere. Dunk on your dad, dunk on your kids, and dunk on your friends. Feel that? It’s called CRUSHING IT!

Start a trampoline slam dunk contest at Xtreme Air and get ready to show off your high flying trampoline moves!
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