Trampoline Dodgeball


The Facts

Dodgeball: Historical Rules and Variations

The rules of dodgeball vary by geography and tradition. These traditions are typically borne of familial legacies and gym teacher monarchies influencing popular regulations. Objectives typically include some variations of hurling a spherical ball towards opponents or teams of opponents in efforts to remove them from the game. Adult or child players attempt to avoid or dodge the balls, thus giving the sport its name. The game is won by eliminating all members of the opposing team. If a ball is caught in the air, even after striking a player, the player who threw the ball is out. Some rules allow players to block incoming balls with a ball they are currently holding, a temporary strategic advantage circumstantially mitigated by the reduction in opportunities to eliminate opposing players. Balls are generally made of foam or rubber.

Man Playing Area Dodgeball on a Trampoline


Trampoline Dodgeball – Yes, Yes and Yes.  Come and join the fun in our 2 Dodgeball Arenas!

Your best friend turned arch-rival is flailing in the air unable to adjust as you pelt them with a satisfying thud. The rest of your dodgeball enemies will soon fall victim to your barrage of foamy doom from the sky.

None of them are a match for the precision and strategy of your air assault. One by one they will fall, begging for mercy - their champion. Appleton, Oshkosh and even Green Bay will come to revere you as their greatest athlete. This is exactly how it will happen.

Schedule the ultimate trampoline dodgeball game at Xtreme Air and dominate your friends and family.
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